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Access Audio: Saving your tapes!
Professional Audio Rentals and Transfers
Specializing in Hard-to-Find Tape Machines

Times Are Changing Fast
..while your original Recordings are still on an obsolete, difficult to find Analog format deteriorating away!
NOW IS THE TIME for the recovery and restoration or your valuable archives. Transfer and Update your materials to a more 'Popular and Accessible' format. Whether your tapes are multitrack sessions, two-track masters, or even those precious family-dialog recordings from the 'old portable' back in the 60's, they all have one major thing in common: They are irreplaceable, and as more time goes by, they become less likely to be playable due to deteriorating conditions such as 'Oxide Shredding' and 'Binder Breakdown'. So, let us help you to make sure that ten to twenty years down the road, you still have clear, high quality recordings. Whether we do the job or you rent the equipment to do it yourself, We have you covered.
  Vintage Tape Machine Rentals and Transfers